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  • ​Off Market Acquisitions & Sales Expert

  • Co-founder Green Canopy Homes

  • Principal Spring Board To Wealth

Marc Erickson

A Seattle native, Marc Erickson grew up surrounded by a family of real estate investors and entrepreneurs.  He developed a taste for the game from an early age when he realized he liked the idea of flipping houses when he was just 7 years old. 


Marc started studying how to buy and finance Real Estate creatively in the mid 90's, and bought his 1st property in 98 with $500.00 cash and a creative structure.  He never looked back.  After honing his sales skills across several industries, Marc became a top residential and portfolio lender.  After the crash in 2008, he became an off-market acquisition specialist for one of the largest investor groups in the state.


Since then, Marc helped found Green Canopy Homes, where he sourced, structured, and ran their first projects.  He eventually helped them transition from being known as experts in the remodeling space, to becoming a leader in in-city infill development and new construction in Seattle and Portland.  Marc has also applied his considerable skill sets to a wide range of real estate specializations, including off market acquisition, flips, major rehabs and new construction. 


Marc’s expertise in real estate is surpassed only by his sincere commitment to integrity and contributing to others.   When he’s not doing real estate deals, Marc is most likely coaching one of his two son’s sports teams. 


Thach Nguyen 

  • Co-Founder Thach Real Estate Group

  • Real Estate Broker, Investor & Developer

  • Principal Spring Board To Wealth

Thach Nguyen is the CEO & Founder of Thach Real Estate Group, a Seattle-based real estate company.  He is not only a seasoned realtor, investor and developer, but also a proud ambassador of the American Dream.  During his 27 years in the real estate industry, he has built over 300 homes, townhomes and multifamily units and completed over 100 flips.  He currently holds 120 rental units with the goal of owning 1000 investment properties.  Thach and his team have assisted over 1,500 families to create their own American Dream of home ownership, ranking him in the Top 1% of all real estate professionals nationwide.


Thach constructed 7 new homes for homeless families at Seattle’s First Place School to help them secure permanent housing.  His rags to riches story and unique brand of contribution-based success, captured the attention of The Seattle Times, NW Asian Weekly, Puget Sound Business Journal, The International Examiner and The Early Show on CBS. 


Thach finds balance traveling to his family’s favorite vacation spots in Maui, Southern California and Asia.  When not working on real estate deals together, He and his wife Camie enjoying attending their sons Russell and Hudson’s baseball and soccer games. 


Stephanie Owens

  • Mindset & Communication Expert​

  • Therapist Turned Entrepreneur 

  • Principal Spring Board To Wealth

Therapist turned entrepreneur, Stephanie Owens delivers a unique perspective to business by sharing key communication secrets that quickly build trust and long-lasting relationships to help her clients grow their businesses quickly and easily, without feeling pushy.


Stephanie Owens specializes in teaching overachievers and high performance professionals turnkey communication tools and mindset strategies to achieve more and stress less.  She successfully built three thriving referral-based businesses from scratch without paid advertising or cold calling using short cuts she learned by applying her therapy bag of tricks to the business world. 


Now, she teaches others these trade secrets so they can attract more business in record time just by knowing how to talk with people in a way that not only authentic, but also a perfect fit for how the human brain was designed.


Stephanie is the author of a book entitled No Is The New YES!:  The Overachievers Guide To Achieve More & Stress Less. 


Stephanie shares a peaceful, happy life with her supportive husband and their two amazing college-aged kids near Tacoma, WA.

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